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For the very best treatment from Adelaide fertility specialists, speak with Associate Professor Louise Hull and her team at Embrace Fertility. For more than 20 years, Dr Hull has been working closely with families to help them achieve that most precious of gifts – a child.

The journey of starting a family can be daunting if you run into fertility issues. Over the years, Louise Hull and her team of specialist fertility doctors in Adelaide have worked with a variety of people, all with their own unique set of circumstances. The qualified and experienced staff at Embrace Fertility understands that every person needs individual care and attention. If you decide to work with us, we can promise you our will be there for you every step of the way. We will make sure you understand everything as we go along and, once we have a full understanding of your particular situation, we will recommend the best way forward for you.

The Embrace Fertility practice is fortunate to be affiliated with the Adelaide REPROMED laboratory. Our doctors and nurses will manage your care from Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, where you will have your consultation, scans and bloods. When you have fertility procedures that involve the laboratory (egg collection, embryo transfer or intrauterine insemination) our medical staff will accompany you and carry out the procedures at REPROMED’s Dulwich clinic, where they will be done. The main reason we have chosen to work with REPROMED is the high quality of their laboratory services and their high pregnancy rates.

Embrace Fertility is contracted to REPROMED to use their IVF rates and results.
If you are looking for Embrace Fertility’s IVF rates and results, please visit REPROMED’s website.

Many people require special techniques and care with the way their eggs, sperm or embryos are handled. REPROMED provides state of the art embryology services such as DNA testing of sperm and high magnification selection of sperm as well as in-house genetic screening of embryos to confirm the correct number of chromosomes are present before transferring the embryo back to the woman.

We have had a great experience working with the embryologists at REPROMED Adelaide, who ring our patients with important information about their embryos and take the time to explain exactly what is going on in the lab as the embryos are growing. We think our patients at Embrace Fertility Adelaide benefit a lot from this affiliation, which has already helped many couples achieve a pregnancy under our care. We are confident in the results we achieve with REPROMED and are proud of our work with them.

Passion, Expertise and Perseverance

Reproductive medicine has always been our main passion at Embrace Fertility. Our fertility specialists and senior fertility nurses based in our North Adelaide rooms are known for their ability to treat complex fertility problems, and we persevere when it comes to diagnosing and supporting couples who are struggling to conceive. Our staff and doctors have countless years’ experience between them and we work with you to discover your goals for starting a family. Helping people like you to have babies is something we are committed to as a team, and we will support you in any way we can on this journey.


Personalised Care

There are a variety of factors that may affect someone’s ability to conceive, which is why we take the time to carefully consider each person’s unique set of circumstances. Adelaide’s Embrace Fertility team will listen closely to your story and evaluate all the factors involved. We will also do our very best to address all your questions and concerns and explain in a clear and open way. Our fertility specialists will explain all the potential treatment options, the costs involved, the pros and cons, and any other queries you may have. The treatment plan formulated will be the best one suited to your individual needs.

Innovative Research and Practices

Embrace Fertility’s head fertility specialist, Dr Louise Hull is an Associate Professor, with all her studies and research focused solely on fertility issues. She, alongside her team of Adelaide fertility doctors (Gynaecologist Dr Tran Nguyen and Gynaecologist / Fertility Specialist / Obstetrician Dr Nicole Edge), admin and nursing staff, keep abreast of the latest developments, techniques and innovations in today’s rapidly progressing world of fertility treatment and IVF. One of our key strengths is our ability to quickly adopt new technologies and practices to improve fertility and early pregnancy outcomes, which has made a significant difference to many people’s ability to conceive.

If you would like to discuss your particular situation, please get in touch with our fertility doctors at our North Adelaide rooms.