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Embrace Fertility is supported by a team of people who bring a great deal of specialised skills and experience to the table. Based in beautiful rooms in North Adelaide, we all support and care for our patients through their entire fertility journey, as well as providing early pregnancy management, for a variety of clients living in many different geographical locations. The bottom line is we genuinely care and will do everything to provide the best possible treatment for each person that seeks our help.


Senior Fertility Nurse Specialist

Cassandra began fertility nursing in London over 10 years ago. Now based in Adelaide, she has experience providing fertility care in many areas including cycle tracking for ovulation induction and IVF, ultrasound scanning, IUI treatment and operating theatre procedures. Cassandra has completed the Nurse Course Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). She has an interest in education and training, and also holds a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management. Cassandra understands how challenging the pathway to pregnancy can become and aims to support and guide our patients in realising their dream.


Senior Fertility Nurse Specialist

Jane is a Registered Nurse who completed her training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide.  She has a wealth of experience in Reproductive Health, having worked since 2002 as a fertility nurse. She has gained her extensive fertility experience by working in four different IVF units in Adelaide and Australia. Jane’s areas of speciality include ovulation induction, endometriosis and recurrent implantation failure and she is qualified to perform fertility scans, IUI procedures and pap smears. Jane has helped many people create their families in Adelaide.  She has a genuine commitment to providing personalised patient care and feels privileged to work with couples throughout their fertility journey.


Registered Nurse

Lydia is a Registered Nurse and an accredited NATTI Mandarin interpreter. She was awarded her first nursing degree by Peking University in 2009, with her initial post at the Third Hospital of Peking University.

Wanting to broaden her experience, Lydia chose to pursue her nursing career in South Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of South Australia in 2011, Lydia has enjoyed working at various hospitals and GP practices throughout South Australia, where she specialised in paediatric and primary health care.

Lydia gained her Graduate Certificate in Family and Child Health Nursing with the Australian College of Nursing in 2019. She understands how culture can influence people’s health. Lydia believes communication and knowledge is critical to providing quality patient care, and she is proud to treat all of her patients with respect and empathy whilst on their journey



Despina has many years’ experience working as an Administration Officer at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in North Adelaide. She has worked alongside a multidisciplinary team, liaising with practitioners locally and intrastate. Despina will be welcoming you into our clinic with her positive and friendly attitude, helping to provide support to you along your journey.

Fertility nurse Adelaide


Senior Fertility Nurse

Lyn-Mare is a registered nurse who completed her nursing degree in South Africa. She worked as a fertility nurse since 2014 in one of Johannesburg’s top three fertility clinics, but has now decided to make Adelaide her home. Lyn-Mare’s areas of speciality include coordinating IVF cycles, ovulation induction and operating IVF and gynaecological theatre procedures. She is also trained to perform IUIs and pap smears.

Lyn-Mare has a passion for helping couples reach their family dreams and, having gone through her own difficulties, she can truly empathise with her patients.



PA – Associate Professor Louise Hull

Marie has provided patient support, administrative experience and transparent financial advice to those requiring health care since 2008.  She has worked with several medical specialists in Adelaide, including fertility specialists, anaesthetists, obstetricians and gynaecologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists,  helping them run their practices in a smooth and efficient way.

Marie is a crucial liaison for patients and members of Associate Professor Louise Hull’s team, co-ordinating meetings and providing management support. Marie co-ordinates regular communication with other doctors and researchers in Adelaide, and with international and national fertility organisations, so the Embrace Fertility team can obtain the best information to make care decisions for our patients.


Medical Administrator

Shari has been a Medical Administrator for 27 years. She has completed the START Fertility Course, Essentials in Practice Management Seminar and numerous other courses on practice systems, business communications and occupational health and safety.

For the past 13 years Shari has been working in the IVF industry and is the best person to address any financial queries, Medicare billing, early release of superannuation, liaising with other IVF Units and the administrative processes involved in IVF.

Shari has a great understanding of the emotions and challenges associated with IVF and prides herself on being able to provide a welcoming, personalised and caring environment for patients and their families. Her calm manner helps iron out any administrative issues in a fair and timely manner.

The Embrace Fertility practice is fortunate to be affiliated with the Adelaide REPROMED laboratory. Our doctors and nurses will manage your care from Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, where you will have your consultation, scans and bloods. When you have fertility procedures that involve the laboratory (egg collection, embryo transfer or intrauterine insemination) our medical staff will accompany you and carry out the procedures at REPROMED’s Dulwich clinic, where they will be done. The main reason we have chosen to work with REPROMED is the high quality of their laboratory services and their high pregnancy rates.

Many people require special techniques and care with the way their eggs, sperm or embryos are handled. REPROMED provides state of the art embryology services such as DNA testing of sperm and high magnification selection of sperm as well as in-house genetic screening of embryos to confirm the correct number of chromosomes are present before transferring the embryo back to the woman. Additionally, REPROMED have an active research program. This means that new technologies such as chromosome testing of embryos using DNA from the culture media, rather than from cells that are taken from the embryo, have been developed and are now available for our patients before any other place in the world. We have had a great experience working with the embryologists at REPROMED Adelaide, who ring our patients with important information about their embryos and take the time to explain exactly what is going on in the lab as the embryos are growing. We think our patients at Embrace Fertility Adelaide benefit a lot from this affiliation, which has already helped many couples achieve a pregnancy under our care.

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