On completing her medical training at Flinders University in South Australia specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FRANZCOG), Dr Tran Nguyen completed her studies with recogition as an advanced laparoscopic surgeon with a special interest in fertility and reproductive medicine.


Fascinated by how lives are created and a desire to help people start their family, Dr Nguyen was motivated to focus on this area of medicine.


“When I studied embryology during university, I was amazed at the start of life and knew from then that I needed to study medicine to be an O&G specialist with an interest in reproductive medicine,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoyed learning about endocrinology and embryology. I am devoted to optimising couples’ health in pre-conception time. For me, helping couples fulfil their dreams to be parents is priceless.”


Dr Nguyen works as an O&G staff specialist at the Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital. She sees fertility and gynaecology patients in her private rooms at FBW Gynaecology Plus in Ashford and at Embrace Fertility in North Adelaide.


The most important things to her when working with fertility patients is listening and giving practical strategies to improve fertility.


“Listening to my patients is crucial. I listen to their story, their priorities and what their fertility goals are,” she says. “Helping them get healthy beyond just fertility, by avoiding smoking, managing weight, and ensuring pap smears are up to date, makes a real difference to treatment. Care for each couple is personalised because each person is different.”


Dr Nguyen has an academic appointment as an honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Adelaide and has experience establishing a surgical hospital, having completed a master’s in health administration (MHA) in Houston, Texas.


She uses her experiences to ensure the very best care for her clients, to make sure each case is comprehensively investigated to ensure the best outcomes.


“It’s important to me that my patients receive personalised care,” Dr Nguyen says. “I offer fertility treatment and gynaecological review too, as they can be interlinked, like fibroid and endometriosis surgery, and hysteroscopic resection of endometrial polyp.”


Dr Tran Nguyen is excited to be working with Professor Louise Hull at Embrace Fertility in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and to have joined a team of people committed to helping people achieve their goals of having a family.


“Working with Louise and the Embrace team has been amazing,” she says. “Everyone is so hardworking and great team players. Louise and her team’s vast experiences are of a very high calibre and their attention to detail is of superior standards. Also, everyone is friendly and very supportive, which makes it a really pleasant environment to work in.”


Dr Nguyen is passionate about providing optimal care for couples looking at fertility options, and she wants to provide the support, expertise and advice necessary for a successful fertility journey.


“Start thinking about your fertility early, especially for those of us who are single and have prioritised our career,” Dr Nguyen says. “Advanced maternal age (over 35 years old) is when fertility slows down. However advanced paternal age is also a contributing factor to subfertility.”


You can make an appointment to see Dr Tran Nguyen at Embrace Fertility at North Adelaide by contacting usvia our website or by phone on 1300 848 470.