Your IVF Success is a website that seeks to provide “clear, trusted information to help you decide if IVF treatment is right for you and makes it easy to find a clinic”.

The website features a calculator to determine an individual’s potential success with IVF and allows the user to find an IVF clinic in their area, and view the success rates of that clinic.

Embrace Fertility’s Professor Louise Hull is confident in the services provided by REPROMED in the labs and with the technicians and experts who collaborate with the Embrace team on their IVF treatments, but also believes there are more factors involved than that which can be calculated through the website.

“It does give people a broad idea of what their fertility success might be like, but there are other things that will impact that isn’t taken to account with the calculator,” she says.

It’s important to be transparent about results, but many factors are involved in treatment and people are not statistics.You can watch the video featuring Dr Louise Hull speaking with the ABC HERE.

In this ABC article, Louise says she believes the website is transparent enough, but raises concerns around comparing clinics.

“The thing that is concerning is that sometimes doctors won’t treat difficult patients because that would lower their pregnancy rates,” she said. “So one thing to do to keep your rates up would be to only take young people. Or encourage people who don’t need IVF to have IVF.”

She also raised concerns around the fact that the data was gathered in 2017, which “isn’t ideal”.

“The data is a little bit out of date, it’s really important to understand that when you look at the website,” she said. “You can have different staff changes and different results over a three- or four-year period.”

She also says doctors involved are “very aware” that using broad data doesn’t necessarily give you the nuances or level of care you may need.

“I think probably [the website] will get better and they’ll change those parameters,” she said

We are proud of the work we do and the results we get with REPROMED and will continue to work hard with our patients to identify their individual needs, concerns, health issues and situation to help our clients grow their families.

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