Piezo-ICSI is a new method of injecting sperm into an egg. Insteading of puncturing the plasma membrane by twisting or aspirating the cellular fluid of the egg with a sharp bevelled pipette, an ultramicron pulse gently breaks the membrane using a flat tipped pipette.

What is the evidence ?

At the national fertility conference in Tasmania in early October 2019, one of the international speakers Tetsu Mukaida from Hiroshima presented his data on PIEZO-ICSI.  He showed that there was a higher rate of fertilisation and development of day 5 embryos (blastocysts) when PIESO was used.  There are some studies that show a higher clinical pregnancy rate after PIEZO.  Tetsu Mukaida’s lab are now standardly using PIEZO-ICSI for couples that require sperm injection to fertilise eggs.

Is Piezo done in Adelaide?

Yes. Embrace Fertility Adelaide has access to this technology through REPROMED, which has helped many couples achieve a pregnancy. 

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